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Marie Serina Exclusive InterviewAsiaFinest Marie Serina's Interview

We were able to get an interview with the lovely and talented Marie Serina. Interview was done by Ben.

Marie SerinaBen: Hi Marie.
Marie: Hi, How are you?
Ben: Pretty good. So are you still sick? From the last email it seems like you were
Marie: I am a lil better but I have to drink lots of tea because this Friday I have a performance that I cannot sound yucky at if you know what I mean.
Ben: yeah? Planning to sing?
Marie: yes I am performing one solo and one duet. So, what nationality are you just curious
Ben: Chinese ABC Born in the US you?
Marie: really? you are Chinese? full blooded? hehe
Ben: Yeah Pure Bleed.
Marie: cool. Isn't New York scaring you? why r u still there? with anthrax and all that
Ben: I was born in NY, and will Die in NY. NYer 4 life
Marie: Awwww pride is essential. Hmm, do you ever come down to cali?
Ben: I have a few friends down in cali I only went to Cali once. You been to NY before?
Marie: Yes, I went there once too back in 99. I sang in Carnegie Hall in April
Ben: Like it?
Marie: Yeah it was my favorite city of all cities in USA. I love it there, the cold weather and everything
Ben: So what are you still doing in Cali?
Marie: Cecause its where I currently go to school.
: Seems like 90% of all models are there. What nationality are you?
Marie: I am British Chinese& lil' French
Ben: British Chinese? From HK or something?
Marie: hahaha... Yeah
Ben: My parents is from HK
Marie: Wow, are they still there or over here now
Ben: They're here Ever been to HK?
Marie: Of course. I lived there half of my life
Ben: Were you born here?
Marie: No, I came here about almost 10 yrs ago
Ben: Ah I love it there.
Marie: Me too. I miss it sometimes, I go back every 2-3 yrs
Ben: The cost of living is low there
Marie: Well yeah compared to NY I grew up there in HK. it is really nice to go out and eat with friends and family, you are never alone. here in Cali, its way differ
Ben: So you speak Cantonese?
Marie: It's my first language... yet, when I came here to US, I lost alot of it. It's probably because I grew up with my mom in Palm Springs and there was like NO Asians there. haha lol.
Ben: Instead of Broken English, I have Broken Chinese
Marie: I hear ya, I am the same. But its still in my head ... just need to practice
Ben: Actually it's pretty good for an ABC. But when I was in HK the girls thought it was quite funny
Marie: Hahaha.. I know, they can just tell
Ben: Watching all of them Chinese Movie helps
Marie: hahaha yea.
Ben: How did you get into the modeling business?
Marie: I am originally a singer here in the Los Angeles County area, and one day my close friend who is a photographer wanted to shoot some photos for a magazine and from there it just got alot of attention and I decided modeling can really promote my singing career as well as other endeavors such as acting, dancing and modeling.
Ben: Any goals that you want to achieve but still haven't?
Marie: Oh yeah, lots!
Ben: Such as?
Marie: Hmm... I am currently in my third year of college majoring in International Business and French and I want to master's in Business Law and then while I am doing that, I want to become a multi-platinum singer all over the world. Singing in different languages such as French, English, Cantonese and Tagalog
Ben: <bowing to you> Girl is skilled.
Marie: Haha thanks. There is no buts, when it comes to me wanting something. I will be a singer and practice Law as a hobbie once I get old or something... hehe and then I will own my own recording industry YAY!
Ben: You could speak all four language?
Marie: Yes, I do. I can sing in Mandarin and understand it some, but not entirely, its completely different from Cantonese. What school do you go to
Ben: Pace University. You?
Marie: California State University, Long Beach
Ben: Tell us about your most exciting or funniest moments.
Marie: My funniest moments has to be when I was young. I loved being a kid and hanging out with my family. I miss it sometimes. All the birthdays, all the water balloon fights. Gosh, I am getting so old now. lol.
Ben: Yup.. You're making me feel old now
Marie: haha. I also love RollerCoasters.
Ben: Nah we're not even at our prime yet
Marie: I know, it just seems like it though
Ben: What was your favorite project or work to this date?
Marie: I would have to say going to Washington D.C. to sing for the Cherry Blossom's Festival. It was so beautiful there. The flowers were amazing and I went with a couple of friends too I got to see the Arlington Cemetery and it made me feel patriotic
Ben: And what type of songs do you sing? Hip Hop? Classical?
Marie: I sing mostly Opera, Contemporary & Pop. Some R& B but my upcoming album will be mostly contemporary pop. I was trained classically until just recently so my voice is pretty much loving that kind of music.
Ben: Cool!
Marie: do you sing?
Ben: Heh. Not for life. What's the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Marie: I think it has to be when I was performing a musical play a few years ago and I was taping a solo on the verge of the stage, and I had bought these new tap shoes and they were so slippery that I fell down the stage flat
Ben: ouch
Marie: It was soooooo embarrassing
Ben: How has the Internet changed your life?
Marie: It is my best friend haha
Ben: haha
Marie: no, it definitely gives me a lot more exposure and I am such a nerd when it comes to computers haha
Ben: Heh I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the Internet
Marie: I know what ya mean
Ben: For the female visitors of AsiaFinest: How do you keep in shape? Any advice or tips for girls who's thinking of becoming models?
Marie: I would have to say, DON'T STARVE! nah, lol. Just exercise daily and most importantly, don't skip meals! Eat healthy, eat want you want, and be the happiest person on the planet! God knows, without food, I would not be ME!
Ben: I agree!
Marie: Yay!
Ben: Money is no object when it comes to food lol Eat Good Live Good
Marie: Yep! I would say I spent the MOST money on food alone.
Ben: As long as you work it off later hehe
Marie: haha... I agree
Ben: Did your parents support your decision to model or sing?
Marie: I LOVE my mom. She is such an independent, understanding person and I love her for it. She always told me to go for my dreams and don't let anyone put me down.
Ben: What's the hardest parts of being a model or singer?
Marie: The hardest part is believing in yourself. I find at most times, I want to give up already because it simply is a hard business to get into and stay at.
Ben: Yeah i know how you feel
Marie: However, if it is what I really want in life, and its what I believe will be the core happiness of my entire existence, I got to get over the fear and challenge it instead
Ben: <clapping> Where would you be today if you weren't a model/singer/everything else?
Marie: I think I can be alot of things. like I definitely wanted to try to be a pharmacists, a lawyer, an actress, a Taiwanese pop star haha
Ben: When I'm 70 and need Viagra, I'll contact you
Marie: hahahahahahahahahahaha <wink> CuTe
Ben: For the male visitors of AsiaFinest: Are you currently single? How would a guy approach a beauty like you? What do you look for in a guy? Turn Ons and Turn Offs?
Marie: I am in fact very single. I dont' really look for anything particular in a guy. If he is someone who just gets my attention because of his wit (gotta make me laugh!), his sincereness and independentness... and plus a Christian too? Wow, what can I say? Gimme your number! Haha! Just kidding! I guess I am very easy going gal! Just don't hurt me in the end! I hate that..!
Ben: What do you do for fun?
Marie: Snowboarding, clubbing, drawing, dining out and hanging out with my friends and family! Oh, not to mention, shopping! Of course right? hehe
Ben: But of course! lol Has the tragic Sept 11 event affected you in any way?
Marie: Yes. It really shows me how people are. Never before have I ever heard the name of Jesus and God mentioned so so so so so many times then after that event happened. It's kinda sad to see how it takes such a horrible tragedy for people to finally notice and come to God. Yet, I am glad they do now.
Ben: Some people on the other hand question God after an event like this. Why would he let something this terrible happen? It's a big debate sometimes
Marie: He didn't let it happen, its Man who did it, not God. People often blame things on him when it is entirely the works of man's hand. If he would stop every man from doing what is not good, then we are basically puppets aren't we? God gave us free will and we abuse it. Thats all. sighs!
Ben: Any future project or work that you would like our visitors to know?
Marie: Yes! I will be performing in alot of upcoming events, so come by my official Yahoo! club and check out the updates!
Ben: Not really a question but feel free to add anything that you would like to say to our visitors.
Marie: My premiere album will be releasing sometime next year as soon as I get it done heheh lol! So, watch out! http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/marieserina and http://www.marieserina.com. Come and Say Hi to me anytime
Ben: They sure will!
Marie: aww. Thanx Ben! You're such a sweetheart!
Ben: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you

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