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New York–Tokyo Music Festival 2006Interview with Taeko

New York–Tokyo Music Festival 2006

AsiaFinest was able to get an online interview with Taeko, President of New York-Tokyo, after the event. Check it out!

New York - Tokyo Music Festival 2006Ben: Now that the New York - Tokyo Music Festival 2006 is over, what's your opinion on the event? Was the number of people that attended what you expected? Was there anything that you would have improved on?
Taeko: Central Park Foundation's counter read 6680 for number of the people who entered from the general entrance. Adding the artists/VIP/press/sponsors who entered from the other entrance, we can say the Festival had around 7,000 attendees. Central Park Foundation also mentioned us that the highest concurrent audience we achieved was around 4300. 4,500 is their maximum capacity and so.. we did what we expected.

Ben: How was the selection of this year's performer decided?
Taeko: i think it was a perfect line-up.

Ben: The first annual New York-Tokyo Music Festival was held in South Street Seaport, any reason why you chose Central Park this time? What did you think of the new location?
Taeko: i really wanted to make a *OUT DOOR* festival..

Ben: How long did it take to plan and organize an event like this?
Taeko: 3 months. it was supposed to be an "eNerGy - Anime and Game" Festival. did you come 2004?
Ben:Nope, I missed the event that year.
Taeko:we'd reserved Central Park's since last Dec. the more i consider about the venue -- outdoor, 4,500 capacity, and etc--, the more i thought it has to be Music Festival not Anime festival.and i spent one month to convince our partner, FCI, to change "eNerGy - Anime Festival" to "New York - Tokyo Music Festival"

Ben: The last music festival was in 2002. Any reason why you didn't bring the following years?
Taeko: i made a huge debt at Music Festival 2002. and for 3 following years, i just needed to stay away from Music :)

Ben:Most of New York-Tokyo events are free to attend, except for the 1st NY-Tokyo Music Festival. How do you cover the cost of hosting a huge event like this when it's free for everyone?
Taeko: sponsorship. i got a debt this year again :/ . i never make any debt for other NYT events, but did only for these two music festivals. i easily tend to listen to all the requests the artists do and ... i think that makes our production costs high.. yes, i spoil the participating artists .. :) their talents make me do so...

Ben: Any plans to for a 3rd annual New York-Tokyo Music Festival?
Taeko: 2007
Ben: Great! We're looking forward to it!

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