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Pucca LoveAsiaFinest Pucca Love

PuccaPucca is the sweet daughter of a Chinese restaurant. She is crazy for zazang(Korean black noodles), and is madly in love with Garu. Pucca always has a sweet smile and round bread hairstyle. She is always a tomboy and hopefully her chopstick dance will win over Garu's heart some day.

Garu Garu is a descendant of ninja. His life goal is the reconstruction of his family's name, but since Pucca has pointed him out as her lover, he is distracted by her. Family or Love? That is the problem.

Mio Mio is Garu's pet. Mio always follow Garu into action. His eye's pupils are like the hands of a clock. You will know what time it is by Mio's eyes.

Here at AsiaFinest.com, we have free episodes of Pucca and Garu's funny adventures for you watch. We also have a very fun Pucca Game for you to play. Be sure to check out each and everyone one of them!

Pucca Love Episodes | Pucca Products | Pucca Game

If you have any pictures of Pucca, please send it to us for display. Talk about Pucca in our friendly discussion forum!

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