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It Was You All Along by ValIt Was You All Along

Written By Val

Part 7


The whistle blew and class began. Sensei Shim called roll and made everyone sat down.

"Alright now you spineless wimps. Let's see what you've learned these past few weeks. Class will begin with a match. Who are my volunteers?"

Sung Hoon raised his hand. "I will Sensei."

"Ah…Sung Hoon, my number one student. Who else?
Hmm…how about Kyung Hee?"

Kyung Hee shook her head so hard that her hair fell out of her ponytail. Sung Hoon rolled his eyes. "Not today Sensei. How about Ji Yong?"

"Ji Yong?"

Sensei Shim looked at Ji Yong. "Are you the new boy Ko Ji Yong?"

"Yes Sensei," answered Ji Yong.

Sensei Shim rubbed his chin. "Hmm…I don't know Sung Hoon. It might not be fair for Ji Yong to fight against an advanced student like you." Ji Yong stood up. "It's okay. I learned Tae Kwon Doe back at my old school too."

"Really?" asked Sensei Shim. "Then this should be a good match.
Alright everybody. In your places."

Ji Yong and Sung Hoon got in their fighting stances. 'I'm going to wipe that smile off your face,' thought Ji Yong. 'You're going down punk,' Sung Hoon thought back.


Sung Hoon moved forward. 'I'm going to punch him so hard-' but before he knew it, he had fallen down on his back. He was surprised. "How? What?" Ji Yong had sweep kicked him and made Sung Hoon fall.

"Winner Ko Ji Yong!"

"Yay!" shouted Kyung Hee. She ran up and hugged Ji Yong. "You were great! You took him down in less than five seconds!"

"Wait a second!" yelled Sung Hoon.
"There are three rounds in a match. It ain't over yet!"

"Oh yeah," said the Sensei.
"Hold on everyone. We have two more rounds left."

Sung Hoon looked over at where Kyung Hee was sitting. She was massaging Ji Yong's shoulders. He opened his mouth in shock. 'That traitor!' he thought to himself. 'She's on the enemy's side!' His images of choking Kyung Hee was interrupted by Jae Jin calling him.

"Hey Sung Hoon."

"What is it Jae Jin?"

"The new guy Ji Yong is pretty good but by the way he fights,
I know you can beat him. Just don't underestimate him and don't let your guard down.
You can win."

Sung Hoon slapped Jae Jin on the back. "Thanks hyung. I was kind of spacing out there." Jae Jin nodded and understood. 'You'll see that I'm the better guy Kyung Hee,' Sung Hoon mentally tried to tell her.

"You were great Ji Yong oppa!" Kyung Hee said excitedly.

"Thanks. Umm…Kyung Hee?"


"You sure Sung Hoon is the best fighter here? He didn't seem to last very long."

Kyung Hee nodded her head. "He is the best fighter here. I think he didn't last long because you're so much better than him.

"Maybe," said Ji Yong with doubt.

Part 8

"Okay Round Two!" yelled Sensei Shim as he pulled his arm down. "Fight!" Sung Hoon and Ji Yong got into their positions. Ji Yong let out a punch but Sung Hoon caught his arm and flipped him over. During that time Sung Hoon whispered in Ji Yong's ear, "You stay away from my Kyung Hee." Ji Yong fell down surprised at what he had just heard.

"Winner Kang Sung Hoon!" yelled Sensei Shim as he held up Sung Hoon's arm.

Kyung Hee opened her mouth in shock. 'That bastard Sung Hoon won!' She began to tear away at her gi with her teeth. Sung Hoon saw her looking at him. He crossed his eyes and stuck his tongue out at her. 'That jerk is so immature!' "Wait Sensei!" she yelled. "Three rounds remember? One more to go!"

Sensei Shim called for attention. "Okay you losers watching on the sidelines. We have one more round."

Sung Hoon walked up to Kyung Hee. "Don't worry about it. Get ready to kiss my feet when I win Kyung Hee honey."

"Get bent and die Kang Sung Hoon."

Sung Hoon flashed her one of his trademark smiles and went back to take his place. Then he heard Kyung Hee yell out,

"You can do it Ji Yong oppa!"

'Ji Yong oppa?' thought Sung Hoon. 'She never called me oppa!' Sung Hoon knew that he couldn't lose his concentration or he'll lose for sure. 'Win the match first and deal with it later."

'Wow' thought Ji Yong. 'Sung Hoon is good. Hmm…I wonder if he'll be my friend if he does end up beating me. He don't hate Kyung Hee. I think he might even be in love with her! Heh heh…well well..Mr. Tough Guy must be thinking about 'Kisado.' Besides, I haven't met a good match like this in a long time."

"Round Three. Fight!"

This time Sung Hoon let out a punch and Ji Yong caught his arm. He flipped Sung Hoon over but he didn't fall down. Sung Hoon twisted his body back so he fell upright. He sent out a round house kick and knocked Ji Yong down. 'Victory is mine.' Sung Hoon smiled.

"Winner is Kang Sung Hoon!" yelled Sensei Shim. "You were excellent too Ji Yong" he said as he helped Ji Yong up. Ji Yong looked at Sung Hoon and smiled. "You were great. You should show me your moves sometimes." Sung Hoon looked at Ji Yong surprised. He didn't expect Ji Yong to say that. Ji Yong extended out his hand. "Truce? Except don't pick on my dongsang Kyung Hee anymore okay?"

'Dongsang?' thought Sung Hoon. 'That means there's nothing going on between them. I guess this Ji Yong guy ain't so bad after all.' He shook Ji Yong's hand.


Kyung Hee couldn't believe her eyes. Both of them are shaking hands and acting like each other's buddy! She ran up to Ji Yong's side. "Why are you being friends with this jock strap?" Ji Yong placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Come on Kyung Hee. Let's all be friends."

Then Jae Jin had to add his two cents in. "Yeah. Isn't that why you came up here Kyung Hee? To give Sung Hoon his victory kiss?" She looked over at Sung Hoon who was giving her this stupid smile and he was shaking his eyebrows up and down. She brushed off Ji Yong's hand.

"No! And I hate you too Ji Yong!" Then she stomped off.

Part 9

As Kyung Hee walked by the gym door, her hair got caught in the door's hinges. 'Oh great,' she thought. 'It's not like I'm not embarrassed enough already and now this. I bet they're all laughing now.' She began to tug at her hair to pull it loose. However, unsuspecting by anyone, just above Kyung Hee's head was a loose fan's sharp blade. And it was about to fall.

It all just happened so fast.

Something instinctly made Sung Hoon look up. There it was. Just a few more cracks and the heavy twirling fan would fall. Right onto an unsuspecting Kyung Hee. Sung Hoon felt as though time had stopped and everything had frozen in place. But time did not stop. And he was moving.

Images flashed before Sung Hoon's eyes. Kyung Hee would be crushed and killed. Then there will be no more Kyung Hee. How lonely and empty his life would be.

When Kyung Hee turned around to see if anyone was laughing, she saw Sung Hoon's cocky smiling face end in a face of horror. She began to wonder what he was doing. There he was running as fast as he could towards her. It was so fast. She heard a loud crash and felt her body slam against the wall. She blacked out for a second before she realized what was happening.

Too close. That was way way too close. Sung Hoon felt his heart beat so loud that it was pounding in his ears. When he grabbed Kyung Hee he didn't stop running until he made it outside the gym and the wall stopped him. It took him a second to realize that his lips were pressed against something soft. He opened his eyes. 'Oh my GOD!' His eyes got even wider. 'I'm kissing Kyung Hee! She's gonna kill me!' He began to think really fast. 'I'll just close my eyes and pretend like I know nothing.'

It took a while but Kyung Hee finally came back to her senses. She felt something pressed against her entire body. 'Oh my gosh! Sung Hoon is kissing me!' She pushed him off of her. "You pervert!" she yelled as she balled her fists up until her knuckles turn white. Then there was that look on Sung Hoon's face again.

Kyung Hee knew something was wrong. Her hand slowly felt the back of her head. Her long hair was gone. The front was still long but the back was severed all the way up to her shoulders. She was in shock. "How could you do this to me?" she cried out. Sung Hoon shrugged his shoulders.

"Umm….Victory Kiss?"

'I can't believe I said that!' Too late. Sung Hoon saw Kyung Hee turn even angrier. Then he felt a painful slap across his cheek. He turned his head back just in time to see her run away. Then slowly, he went over to the gym doors to pick up what was left of Kyung Hee's hair. Slowly his tears fell upon the shiny black hair he was holding.

Sung Hoon was hurting and it wasn't from the slap. It was a different kind of pain.

Part 10

Kyung Hee didn't stop running until she made it home. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. 'That jerk kissed me!' she repeated to herself over and over. 'That was my first kiss too! It was supposed to be for the guy of my dreams. Not a walking nightmare like Sung Hoon!' "Why does Kang Sung Hoon hate me so much?" she asked herself out loud. "What did I ever do to him?"

Kyung Hee touched the back of her head. Her hair really is gone.

Five more years later….

During this time changes both happen for Kyung Hee and Sung Hoon. (*They're 18 and in high school)

Kyung Hee became more distant towards everyone. Everybody assumed it was because of her hair. She was no longer the sociable, bubbly girlie but now she became a silent aggressive jock. She traded in her baby tees, hair bows, skirts, and platforms for sweatshirts, baseball caps, tennis shoes, and baggy jeans. She would hang out with the nerds and jocks and just about anybody except for the popular girls (who are all stuck up). No one dared to mess with Kyung Hee though. She developed a reputation for herself as a fighter when she managed to beat up the biggest girl bully in school. Kyung Hee is a really small and skinny person but no one could really tell underneath all of her clothes (so she seems bulky).

Jae Jin and Jae Duc stopped teasing Kyung Hee as time passed too. They've gotten more mature and dated around too. Kyung Hee still talks to Ji Yong but she had stopped calling him oppa.

Ever since that incident, Sung Hoon knew that Kyung Hee had changed. He had toned down on picking on her but he didn't stop. He knew it was the only way and excuse he had if he wanted to talk to her. When he entered high school, he brought along his popularity and good looks with him. Sung Hoon became every girl's dream guy. Well-built body, styling hair, seductive eyes, and a killer smile. He dated every girl that every guy in his school want to date.

But sadly no matter how many girls he dated, they all mean nothing to him. He was never able to tell Kyung Hee how he really felt about her so he planned on keeping it silent forever.

Part 11

"Heads up!"

Kyung Hee looked up and caught the ball that was aimed towards her.

Sung Hoon started jumping around and yelling,
"For the honor of football, Kyung Hee is She-Man!"

"Go back into the cave where you crawled from Porcupine,"
she snapped back, referring to his hair. She threw the ball back at him.

'Porcupine? It took me an hour to get my hair like this!' Sung Hoon thought. 'Damn why does her words have to get on my nerves so much. No one else can ever do that!' "Aww…you grouchy because everytime you look at me you know you can only look but can't touch?"

"Puh-lease…If I touch you I might get a disease."

"Poor Kyung Hee. Gonna die a single, lonely old nun."

Kyung Hee gave him a secretive smile. "Just because I don't date around like you do doesn't mean anything. And beside….how do you know I'm single?" Sung Hoon looked at her. 'Is she dating someone I don't know?' He was about to ask but just then Shin Chun Ok (Sung Hoon's latest girlfriend) walked up and interrupted their disses.

"Sung Hoonee!"

She ran up to squeeze him. Sung Hoon rolled his eyes. 'Damn Chun Ok. Why did she have to be here? She's so annoying!' But he gave her a smile anyways.

"So what are you doing here?"

"I want you to take a look at my dress!"

It was a tight little black V-neck dress that showed plenty. And Chun Ok was a little chubby too.

"It's nice."

Sung Hoon really didn't care anyways. He planned to break up with her soon. Kyung Hee was watching them the whole time. She rolled her eyes. Chun Ok caught Kyung Hee watching them. She began to talk to Kyung Hee in her fake sugary voice.

"I know what you're thinking. But sorry this dress doesn't come in a large."

Kyung Hee gave her a fake smile. "No but your mouth sure does." Then she walked away. Chun Ok rolled her eyes behind Kyung Hee's back. "Whatever." Sung Hoon glared at her. He didn't like it when other people made fun of Kyung Hee just because she dressed like a guy.

"You didn't have to say that you know."

Chun Ok stomped her feet. "Why do you always take her side?" she whined.

Sung Hoon just walked away.

"Sung Hoonee!"

Part 12

Sung Hoon waited for Kyung Hee after school but didn't see her so he decided to drop by her house. She wasn't home but her grandpa was.

"Sung Hoon! Long time no see! Come in."

"Hi Grandpa So. Is Kyung Hee home?"

"No. She told me she's going out with her boyfriend."

"Boyfriend? Who is he?"

Grandpa So gave him a little smile. "Sung Hoon. You're old now. Don't be teasing an old man. You and Kyung Hee still pretending to hate each other while you both know that you both have a burning attraction."

"Attraction?! Hell NO!"

Grandpa So just smiled. "Okay I'll just play along. She'll be home later. The sooner you meet up with her the sooner you'll see her." Sung Hoon smiled and shook his head. Grandpa So always wanted him and Kyung Hee to be together. "Okay. Good bye Grandpa So."

"Bye Sung Hoon."

[8 hours later…]

Sung Hoon banged on the So's front door. Grandpa So answered it. "Is Kyung Hee home?"

Grandpa So yawned. "No. Where is she?"

"I don't know! I wasn't with her."

"It's okay Sung Hoon. She's a big girl now.
She can take care of herself."

"It's late. It's past midnight right now. Aren't you worried?
What kind of grandfather are you?"

"Kyung Hee's been out this late for the past two months.
Why are you so worried?"

Sung Hoon blushed. "I'm not worried." Grandpa So yawned some more. "You can wait here if you want." "No. I"ll go out and look for her," said Sung Hoon. Then he left.

Sung Hoon began to walk down the street. He sat on the curb and waited. Ten minutes later he saw Kyung Hee walking up the path with a dreamy look on her face. He was so happy to see her but he was also very mad. He ran up to her.

"What is wrong with you? What is a girl like you doing out so late on a school night?"

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. "None of your business." Then she began walking home. He followed her. Sung Hoon knew he couldn't ask but the thought of Kyung Hee with another guy was tearing at him inside.

"Well your grandpa was worried."

"I can take care of myself."

They made it home together in silence. Kyung Hee came home and closed the door. Sung Hoon watched her go in and saw the door as a sign. 'She has shut me out of her life forever.

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