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It Was You All Along by ValIt Was You All Along

Written By Val

Part 13

A couple more weeks had pass. With Sung Hoon's popularity, he used everyone he could to find out who Kyung Hee was dating. But it was no use. No one was able to find out. He broke up with Chun Ok and she knew it was because of Kyung Hee too. She was mad but wasn't able to do anything to Kyung Hee because she was threatened by Sung Hoon. Also she was afraid of Kyung Hee too. Not knowing who Kyung Hee was dating was bothering Sung Hoon so much he couldn't sleep. There was only one thing left for him to do. Spy on her…

It was 11 p.m. Kyung Hee had left her house and took a taxi. Sung Hoon began to follow her silently in his car. It took twenty minutes but then Sung Hoon saw Kyung Hee get off at a park. He parked his car away from her view and got out of his car. He snuck up to a bush nearby and watched her. Then he saw her run up to a strange guy he has never seen before. 'I wonder who he is.' Then Sung Hoon began to analyze Kyung Hee. 'Figured she wouldn't dress up. Not even for a date.' "Miss Tomboy."

"Ji Won honey!"

Kyung Hee ran up to hug her boyfriend.

"I miss you. I also have something to tell you."

"I miss you too."

Ji Won held her. He tried to stroke her hair but like always, it was tucked inside that stupid baseball cap. Kyung Hee looked at him. He didn't seem to happy to see her. "Is something wrong?" she asked. Ji Won nodded and told her to sit down. He held both of her hands.

"Is there something you want to say Kyung Hee?"

"You go first Ji Won."

"It's us. I don't think it's working out."


"Well…we're not compatible."

"What do you mean? We like the same things."

Ji Won gave an exasperated sigh. "We like the same things that guy buddies should like. Not like couples. I thought I'd get over it but you're really not attractive."

"What?!" she asked in surprise.

"I mean look at you Kyung Hee. I mean sure you're pretty, I think
But I can't tell from your hat covering half your face. I don't even know how long your hair is!
And you dress like a guy!" and he continued listing her bad qualities….

Sung Hoon looked at Kyung Hee from where he was sitting. He could tell she was trying her best not to cry. Her feelings weren't hurt but her pride was. 'Ji Won…hmm…he looks and sounds familiar…' he thought. Sung Hoon chewed on his lip for a while and then it hit him. 'He's that stupid kid that locked me in the refrigerator!'

Sung Hoon felt anger rising inside him as he looked at Ji Won. As he was listening, he began to realize Ji Won was putting Kyung Hee down as he was breaking up with her. 'Don't you dare hurt Kyung Hee like that.' Sung Hoon came out from where he hid.

Part 14

"You understand don't you Kyung Hee?"

Ji Won looked at her. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She was about to answer but then her eyes widened when she saw Sung Hoon walking up to them. 'Oh no! He's going to make fun of me because I just got dumped.'


Sung Hoon ran up to Kyung Hee and hugged her hard. Then he spun her around.

"Gosh I miss you!"

"Huh? Who are you calling hon-"

Sung Hoon got Kyung Hee in a head lock and closed her mouth just in time. He looked over at Ji Won who was looking at them both in shock. "Who the hell are you?" asked Sung Hoon.

"I'm Eun Ji Won. And who are you? Why are you calling my girlfriend honey?"

"I'm Kang Sung Hoon and you got it wrong pal.
Kyung Hee is my girlfriend."

Kyung Hee looked at Sung Hoon. 'What is he doing?' Then she realized she was still in a head lock. "Let go! Your armpit smells!" Sung Hoon twisted her away and whispered, "You want me to help you from being embarrassed or not?" She nodded her head. "Then stop dissing me!" Then Sung Hoon turned them both around to face Ji Won. He gave Ji Won his famous smile.

"Oh so you're the guy Kyung Hee tells me that's a lousy kisser."

Just to prove his point, Sung Hoon bent over to kiss Kyung Hee. The kiss came out awkward and he ended up kissing her nose instead.

Ji Won gave them both cold glares. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about but I just dumped Kyung Hee so you can have her."

Sung Hoon let out a loud fake laugh. He faced Kyung Hee. "Honey you're so sweet. You didn't want this loser to feel bad so you let him think that he's dumping you."

'Thank you,' she thought silently. She smiled and nodded. "I had to dear."

Ji Won looked at them in disgust. "Hope you two are very happy together!" Then he left.

Part 15

Kyung Hee sat down on the bench. 'God…I hope she's not gonna cry,' prayed Sung Hoon as he sat down next to her.

"Go ahead and laugh."


"I know you want to. Now is the perfect time to make fun of me."

Sung Hoon wanted so bad to put his arms around her and let her cry on his shoulders.

"Naww…not in the mood tonight. I'll save it for some other time."

Then suddenly Kyung Hee began to cry.

"You're not crying over that jerk are you?"

"Why do you care?" she yelled at him.

"I…I don't care except I think you're wasting your tears."

Sung Hoon felt his heart breaking as he saw Kyung Hee cry. 'He's not worth it,' he thought but he kept those words to himself. 'She'll never cry over me.'

"No. I'm not crying over him."

"Yeah right."

"No really. I'm not."

"Then why are you crying?"

Sung Hoon felt a bubble of hope rise inside him. Kyung Hee let out a sigh. "My parents are going to come visit me tomorrow and they want to meet my boyfriend." Sung Hoon looked at her.

"So…what are you gonna do now that Mr. Wonderful is gone?"

"I don't know. Gosh I'm such a loser."

Sung Hoon let out a fake sigh. "Well…I can pretend that I'm your boyfriend."

Kyung Hee looked at him surprised. "You'll help me?" 'Maybe Sung Hoon isn't so bad after all. I guess he can be really sweet sometimes.' Just looking into Kyung Hee's big warm brown eyes wanted to make him tell her all of his feelings. But he couldn't.

"Yeah. It's Be Kind To Geek Week."

Kyung Hee stood up. "I don't need your help you conceited snob! I'll just ask Ji Yong!" Then he ran off. "Damn!" Sung Hoon cursed himself. "Why did I have to say that?" he asked himself. But he received no answer.

Part 16

~Ding dong~

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"Kyung Hee!"

Kyung Hee hugged her parents as they came inside the house. "We miss you so much." "I miss you too." Then Grandpa So came out and they all had tea while they talked. After a while the subject of her boyfriend came up. Her mother asked her,

"So Kyung Hee dear, where is that boyfriend you have always been talking about?"


Kyung Hee glanced at the clock. It was 7:30. 'Damn Ji Yong is half an hour late! Ji Yong, why aren't you here yet?' It seemed to be an answer because just then the front door bell rang. She jumped up and ran for the door.

"I'll get it! It must be him."

She opened the door. "I'm so glad you're hereù" but she was cut off by her scream. It was not Ji Yong but that thing Kang Sung Hoon. He was holding flowers and he leaned over to hug her. "I miss you too honey!" he said really loud for everyone to hear. Kyung Hee blocked the door but he made it inside her house anyways.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. So. Hello Grandpa So.
I've heard so much about you from Kyung Hee. My name is Kang Sung Hoon."

He shook hands with all of Kyung Hee's parents. The parents nodded their heads in approval. The grandpa just smiled. He knew what was going on. He didn't say anything because his wish for Kyung Hee to be with Sung Hoon is going to come true.

"So you must be the boyfriend Kyung Hee is always talking about."

"I think so. Kyung Hee is the best thing that ever happened to me.
I can see she got all her good qualities from her family."

Kyung Hee rolled her eyes while she listened to Sung Hoon's political speech. 'He must be the world's best liar!' But her parents were pleased. They like Sung Hoon. But then her mother asked, "Do you know the young boy who lives next door?" 'Oh no,' thought Kyung Hee.

Sung Hoon raised an eyebrow. "Umm...kinda. Why Mrs. So?"

"Kyung Hee mentions that boy too. She said he was an annoying pest but we haven't gotten the chance to meet him yet. So I just want to see if you know him too."

'Annoying pest?' he thought. 'I'll let that one slide.' "I do know him Mrs. So but he's not an annoying pest. It's just that a long time ago...Kyung Hee wanted to date him but she could NOT so she has a grudge against him." Kyung Hee opened her mouth but quickly shut it. She need Sung Hoon's help so she couldn't say anything. Her mother asked, "Is that true dear?"

Kyung Hee gritted her teeth. "Yes it is mommy."

Sung Hoon smiled. They sat down and talked. Hours past and it was getting late and he had to go home.

"Well it was a pleasure meeting you Mr. and Mrs. So. Good night."

"Good night Sung Hoon."

"I'll walk him home," said Kyung Hee.

Part 17

Just as they got out the door Kyung Hee slammed Sung Hoon against the wall.

"What the hell are you doing here? Where is Ji Yong?"

Sung Hoon smiled and said, "Is this how you treat your boyfriend?"

"Answer me!"

"Ji Yong couldn't make it so I decided to help him out."

"Oh no. My parents are staying for two weeks! Ji Yong can't pretend to be my boyfriend then."

Sung Hoon gave out a sigh. "Well, I guess I'll torture myself for a few weeks and pretend to be your boyfriend. Kyung Hee looked at him suspiciously. "How do I know you didn't do anything to Ji Yong to take his place?" Sung Hoon was stunned. He hadn't thought about Kyung Hee thinking that. Truth was, he had to beg Ji Yong to let him take his place. But Sung Hoon played it smoothly. "Yeah right. Look at you Kyung Hee. Only an idiot would date you. What makes you think that I would do this if it wasn't for a buddy?"

Kyung Hee looked at him with doubt. But then Sung Hoon continued talking. "Besides, this means you have to be nice to me or your parents will find out the truth." It seemed like blackmail to her.

"Oh I'll be nice to you alright," she said as she raised her fist. But just then her dad opened the door and she dropped her fist immediately. "That's so cute. You don't want to say goodbye to Sung Hoon? Stay out with him then. It's just ten but be home by midnight. There's school tomorrow."

"Thanks Mr. So," said Sung Hoon and he pulled Kyung Hee away before she could answer. "I'll have her back by midnight." He took her hand and led her to the park.

"Okay. Here are the rules if you want me to be your boyfriend."

"Rules? Puh-leaze! I don't want to date you!"

"Oh yeah? Tell that to your parents then."

That made Kyung Hee shut up. She listened as Sung Hoon went on.

"First of all, I have good taste. My girlfriends will be wearing dresses and smell good. And you look like a guy! And you smellù" Sung Hoon took a whiff of her. "Eww! You smell like a guy too!"

Kyung Hee took a smell herself. "Do not!"

"Do too! Second rule. When we kiss you have to promise to let go because I know you can't help yourself and you'll end up gluing yourself to me."

Kyung Hee gave him a disgusted look. "Gross! That's my rule! No kissing!"

Sung Hoon cocked an eyebrow. "Won't it look weird if you never kiss your boyfriend?"

Kyung Hee shuddered form the thought of kissing Sung Hoon. "The things I do just to please my parents.

"Hey I'm the one who's sacrificing. Now I have to go two weeks without dating any girl.
I'm supposed to be with a beauty and not a beast."

Kyung Hee sighed. "Alright. Then go ahead. Kiss me."


"You heard me. Remember when you kissed me in front of Ji Won? You were aiming for my mouth weren't you? But you missed and hit my nose. I guess we have to practice."

Sung Hoon swallowed. He always imagined what it would be like to kiss Kyung Hee but he didn't really think he was going to have that chance. "Well at least take off your cap so I know I'm kissing a girl." Kyung Hee took her cap off. Long strands of hair fell down past her shoulders and down her back. Sung Hoon ran his hand through her hair. "Hey your hair grew back!"


"Why do you always keep it up in a cap then?"

"Oh I don't know. May be because I have a fear that a psycho would chop it off."

Sung Hoon pulled his hand away. "Look it was an accident. Besides, it was five years ago. Can't you forget and move on already?"

"How would you feel if I cut your hair?"

"It's different because my hair is nice while yours is nappy," he said.

"Oh yeah? Could have fooled me.
I thought your hair was a dead animal with all those spikes."

"So are we gonna kiss or not?" he asked.

Kyung Hee sighed. "If you only would stop making fun of me."

"Okay I guess I have to stop for now since I'm your boyfriend." Then she slowly closed her eyes. Sung Hoon looked at her. Her innocent face reminded him of all the good times they had together. Well actually, good for him, nightmare for her. But there she was standing very close to him. Eyes closed, her long hair swaying. Then he bent forward to kiss her. And there it was. Magic and fireworks.

It was a feeling he couldn't describe. He never felt this way when he kissed a girl before. And he knew it too because he had kissed a lot before. Kyung Hee wrapped her arms around Sung Hoon's neck. 'Hmm...I never felt like this when I kiss Ji Won. I could kiss Sung Hoon forever. Wait a minute....what the hell am I thinking?' Kyung Hee broke the kiss off. "Okay that's enough practice." She put her cap back on because she knew her face was turning red. Sung Hoon was kind of disappointed that it had to end so soon.

"Uh, yeah. Come on Kyung Hee. I'll walk you home."

Part 18

[School, the Next Day]

Sung Hoon stopped by Kyung Hee's locker. He forgot to discuss with her if they were going to pretend to be a couple in school or not. 'I hope so. Maybe I'll get to kiss her again,' he thought with a smile. Then he saw Ji Won walking up to him. "What are you doing here?" Ji Won gave him a smirk. "I transferred here. I just want to know for sure if you and Kyung Hee have been dating."

Sung Hoon began to sweat. 'Uh oh.' "Of course we have and it's been for a long time too." Ji Won gave him a look that showed Sung Hoon that he didn't believe a word he said. "Oh really? Then let me ask someone." Ji Won grabbed Su Won as he was walking by. "Hey you. Who is So Kyung Hee's boyfriend?"

Sung Hoon looked at Su Won. "Oh that's easy! It's Kang Sung Hoon."

"It is?"

"Yeah," said Su Won. "They've been together forever. They're like a married couple!" Ji Won let Su Won go. "See?" said Sung Hoon with a cocky smile. "So what?" Ji Won snapped back. "She acts and looks like a guy anyways."

"Sung Hoon honey!"

Sung Hoon and Ji Won turned around to see who was calling Sung Hoon. Both of them did a double take. It was Kyung Hee and she looked damn fine. Her hair was put up but strands fell down layering her face. She was wearing a light blue slip dress that emphasized her great figure and matching platforms. The school's tomboy had just turned into the school's prom queen. She looked like an angel. Sung Hoon couldn't take his eyes off of her. Neither could Ji Won.

"Sung Hoon!" She went up and kissed him on the cheek. "Are you waiting for me?"

Sung Hoon finally snapped out of it. "Uh...yeah." Then he leaned over to give her a real kiss. 'I can kiss her anytime I want to now that she's my girlfriend,' he thought. Heh heh. Kyung Hee turned around. "Oh hi Ji Won. What are you doing here?" Ji Won looked at her awkwardly. "Um...hi Kyung Hee. I just transferred here. You sure look pretty today." Kyung Hee gave him a smile. "Thanks. Well nice seeing you. Sung Hoon and I have to go to class now. Bye.." Sung Hoon wrapped his arm around her waist and led her to class, leaving Ji Won looking after them.

As they entered the door, Jae Jin and Jae Duc ran up to Sung Hoon. But then they saw Kyung Hee. Jae Jin gave her a little smile. "Hi. I'm Lee Jae Jin. I'm single and ready to mingle. And you are?" Kyung Hee rolled her eyes. Then it was Jae Duc's turn. "Can I check your dress to see if you were made in heaven?"

"It's me Kyung Hee. And those were the lamest lines I've ever heard."

Jae Jin and Jae Duc opened their mouths in shock. "No way!" yelled Jae Jin. "But you're a girl!"

"I've always been a girl!"

"You know what Kyung Hee? I've always had a crush on you," Jae Duc said to her sweetly. "Back off guys," said Sung Hoon. "She's my girl." Jae Duc pouted his lips. "Damn it figures."

Then Ji Won came in. 'Damn,' he thought. 'She never looked this good before.' He wanted her back an he always gets his way...

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