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MashiMaro Products StoreAsiaFinest MashiMaro Products Store

Here at AsiaFinest's MashiMaro store, we offer cute and unique MashiMaro products at a low price. These MashiMaro products are in low supply, so order now before it's sold out! Limited Time only. Free Shipping (United States only) for all our MashiMaro items! If you don't know who Mashimaro is, then check out our feature on him!

MashiMaro Rear View Mirror Cover
MashiMaro Car Seat Belt Cushion
MashiMaro Rear View Mirror Cover: Standard Size for the rear view mirror. Mad Cute Mashimaro hanging on the right side! $7.99 SOLD OUT MashiMaro Car Seat Belt Cushion (Shown with one open) Customize your car by wrapping this around the chest seat belt strap of your car. It has a soft furry feel and measures 10"w x 3"h $4.99 SOLD OUT
MashiMaro Pouch
MashiMaro Car Seat Head Rest
MashiMaro Pouch: 5"h x 3"w. This mashimaro pouch could be used for everything from holding a cell phone to a wallet. The pouch material has a furry like feel to it. SOLD OUT MashiMaro Car Seat Head Rest (Shown with one turned over to show strap) Customize your car by putting this on your car seat to rest your head and neck. It has a soft comfortable feel and measures 10"w x 3"h SOLD OUT!
MashiMaro Plush Doll
MashiMaro Plush Doll: This mad cute 4" x 6" MashiMaro plush doll is a must have for all fans! His hat might vary in color. $5.99 SOLD OUT MashiMaro Body Scrub: This limited mad cute 6" MashiMaro body scrub is a rare collector's item! Great for cleaning away dirt that is deep within the skin. $5.99

FREE Shipping for a limited time only! SOLD OUT!

No bulk wholesale order is accepted for these rare items. Check out this partner web site for even more Mashimaro Products! Be sure to check out our other cool Asian products.

Payment Methods:
You can pay by PayPal, Cashier Checks, Money Order, or Cash (at your own risk). We prefer PayPal, since it's allows you to pay with all major credit cards and eChecks. You don't even need a PayPal account to pay! Please be sure to include your shipping address. Contact us if you want to pay by cash, cashier checks, money order, and/or have any questions. Supply is very limited, so order now! All Sales are Final.

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