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Mashi maro Episode 3AsiaFinest Mashimaro Episode 3

Mashimaro Episode 3Meet Pista and Pistachi, two monkeys who meet MashiMaro in Episode 3: Moon. Pista, Pistachi, and MashiMaro are sitting on a tree branch looking at the moon. Suddenly a shadow appears on the moon. It looks like a bunny cleaning a toilet. Pista tells Pistachi that the bunny in the moon is MashiMaro. Pistachi is confused and asks MashiMaro if that is him. MashiMaro looks at Pistachi, and replies yes. Suddenly, MashiMaro takes out a toilet, does his business, and flushes. However, the toilet is over-clogged, and MashiMaro starts cleaning it. Then he turns to Pistachi showing it that it is him in the moon. Pistachi and Pista start nodding with confusion. Be sure to check out the Mashimaro Products.

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