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Mashi maro Episode 4AsiaFinest Mashimaro Episode 4

Mashimaro Episode 4This is Mero, a cute little lamb who also lives in MashiMaro Forest. Mero meets MashiMaro in Episode 4: Melancholy. Mero is sitting down reading a book, and decides to eat his big sandwich. Suddenly, he sees MashiMaro coming out of the woods in a purple coat, and sighs. MashiMaro walks over to a pile of leaves, and throws them around. Mero asks what is wrong. MashiMaro sighs, and says his heart is broken. MashiMaro then walks over to Mero, takes out a stereo, puts on a sad song, and starts crying. Mero tries to comfort him. They shake hands, and MashiMaro turns around and burps. Then, he leaves Mero all alone. Mero remembers about the sandwich, and when he moved the stereo away to get it, he finds that it is gone. He puts on the sad song, and starts to cry. Be sure to check out our cute Mashimaro Products.

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