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Mashi maro Episode 6AsiaFinest Mashimaro Episode 6

MashiMaro Episode 6Officer Piyoz reporting for duty. Piyoz meets MashiMaro in Episode 6: Action. MashiMaro escaped jail, and he was on the run! He was hiding in a doghouse, pretending to be a dog with his rear-end. Piyoz came along and asked if he saw a bunny pass by. MashiMaro says no, and Piyoz goes upto the edge of the cliff. MashiMaro pushes him doen, and Piyoz falls! He then tries to get back up, but MashiMaro won't let him. Be sure to check out our cute Mashimaro Products.

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If you have any pictures of Mashimaro, please send it to us for display. Talk about Mashimaro in our friendly discussion forum!

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